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Sensei Dylan Gibson,
4th Dan

Sensei Dylan Gibson has been training in Shotokan Karate since 2004 and has been a KUGB Qualified Instructor since 2015.

He has been teaching at Blyth South Beach Karate Club since 2019. 


Sensei Dylan Gibson began training in 2004 with Sensei Jill Kelly and Sensei Trish Bruce. He passed his black belt grading in 2010, 2nd Dan in 2012, 3rd Dan in 2018 and 4th Dan in 2022. He has been competing since 2007 and has achieved a range of bronze, silver and gold medals at local, regional and national level.

Sensei Dylan is one of the longest standing current members of the KUGB England Kata Squad, having been a member since 2012, regularly travelling to Liverpool to train with the squad. This has provided him with a precise technical knowledge of each of the Shotokan kata. He strongly believes all karateka should focus their training on a balance of kihon, kata and kumite for the best results, rather than on one area in particular. Sensei Dylan regularly attends courses with senior KUGB instructors and has attended either the KUGB Summer School or KUGB Spring Course every year since 2009. His ultimate goal is to continue to develop his Karate to a high standard so that he can be the best instructor possible for his students.

While he enjoys competing, teaching has always been a passion for Sensei Dylan. He passed his Assistant Instructor Qualification in 2011 at the age of 14, and was awarded his full Instructor Qualification in 2015 on his 18th birthday.

Sensei Dylan feels that any karate club should be a place where all students should work hard, but also believes that it should provide an opportunity for club members to make friends and enjoy themselves, and is proud of how the club has grown and developed into a positive atmosphere since he started teaching at the club. He looks forward to seeing the club going from strength to strength in the future!


07552 694 111

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